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Hose End Water Flow Meter

part # 56854

Orbits Flow Meter measures the water used from your outdoor hose faucet. Adjust your water consumption based on the measurements to prevent over watering, saving you money. The meter calculates both single-use and total water consumption. Perfect for measuring how much water it takes to fill up your pool or water the plants in your garden. Choose to display the amount of water used in gallons or liters.consumption. Displays usage in gallons or liters letting you know just how much water is being used. For outdoor use with cold water only.

  • WATER CONSERVATION: Measure water consumption to prevent over watering.
  • KNOW THE FLOW: Calculates both single-use and total water consumption.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Easy-to-read LCD screen displays your water usage in gallons or liters.
  • STANDARD CONNECTION: Fits 3/4-inch standard outdoor hoses and faucets.
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Runs on one CR2032 batter (included).
  • For cold water outdoor irrigation use only.
Price: $11.48
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Product Dimension: 3.25" x 1.5" x 1.75"
Weight: 0.16 pounds

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